Board Meeting Announcement


                   Monday Evening 6:30 pm

                   Location: 1861 Champion Circle   

                          Agenda: click here

Board Meeting of February 13th Notes:

The association's grounds maintenance contract with Townscapes is set to expire by April 1, 2017. During the Feb. 13 board meeting an Ad Hoc committee was formed. The committee was tasked with immediately reviewing the many grounds maintenance proposals submitted to our board months ago, and bringing back a recommendation to the board. That committee consists of the following volunteer homeowners: Mary Anne Nagaele, Dave Mulherin, Paula Goldthwaite, Chuck Dibbs, & Debbie Dear. The meeting will take place at 1840 Rein Lane on Friday, February 17th at 6:30pm. Immediately after the January 26 annual meeting two board members resigned. During the Feb. 13 board meeting the two other candidates that submitted board interest forms prior to the January 25th deadline were appointed to fill the two vacant spots left by the two resigning board members.

Our neighborhood from the sky.  Thanks Paul M.

Heritage Park Landscape Map


We share the entrance with Equi-kids Therapeutic Riding Center.


The Grounds Committee has the responsibility to report to the Board of Directors with prioritized recommendations for maintenance and improvements to the common areas and lakes of Heritage Park. 

Here you will find Home Owner Association Documents, Board and Committee members.

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