The neighborhood needs a volunteer to join the Grounds Committee as Chair person.  Dan Johnson has stepped down after 3 years.  Please see the Grounds page for more information and the types of things the Grounds Committee does.  If you are interested in this position please let the Board know.  You can contact the Board by using the email on the contact us page.

Our neighborhood from the sky.  Thanks Paul M.

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Grounds Committee Volunteer

We share the entrance with Equi-kids Therapeutic Riding Center.


The Grounds Committee has the responsibility to report to the Board of Directors with prioritized recommendations for maintenance and improvements to the common areas and lakes of Heritage Park. 

Heritage Park Landscape Map


Here you will find Home Owner Association Documents, Board and Committee members.

​               2017 Budget Meeting. 6:30 PM

               Red Mill Elementary School​.  All are welcome.

Heritage Park Home Owners Association.

We are a neighborhood of 256 homes located in southern Virginia Beach four miles from the Sandbridge ocean front.  Welcome to our web site.   When is recycle day?  What mailbox do I need?